Customer Service Refresher Hits the Mark

Top marks were received again for our trainer Becky Carr who facilitated a refresher workshop for the Tamaki Health Call Centre team this week. Becky had already scored 10/10 for the program of 6 workshops held in 2019, each one after office hours as this was the only way the team could take time away from the call centre. All participants found the refresher to be hugely valuable as a reminder in applying the skills learnt and keeping up the Tamaki Health Call Centre standards. Some of the comments:

“Everything was well explained”

“Job well done”



Read all the comments here and talk to us if you are considering a tailored customer service program for any of your front line employees.

2020 Graduates – NZQA Certificate in Sales

A massive congratulations to our 5th and most recent group of participants that have undertaken a year of study to achieve their NZQA Level 3 Certificate in Sales. We have had the most successful result so far with 7 learners accomplishing their qualification this year, supported by PrintNZ, Competenz, ProFormance as well as their managers.

This program, designed specifically for the Print and signage industry, has been running with great successes since 2015.  We are pleased to announce the next program for 2020/21 is due to commence on the 13th October and we are currently open for registrations. Whilst this program is already subsidised by Competenz, this year we have been advised that Trust4Skills will be offering an additional subsidy for all PrintNZ members.

For more information download the brochure or contact us for more information about his program or for in-house training.

Top Ten Tips for Remote Workers

Business continuity in exceptional times such as these can be challenging, however cloud based technology creates a platform for many to work remotely. The ProFormance team has many years of experience working remotely and we have put together a list of what we consider best practice guidelines:

  1. Daily routine – try to stick to the same workday schedule as normal. Get up at the same time and work the same hours. Follow the same work practices.
  2. Dress code – get dressed for work. Save the PJ’s for the weekend.
  3. Break times – continue to take a 10 minute break morning and afternoon and a half hour lunch break. Get up and move around. Look forward to the breaks. Use the breaks as time to make a social phone call.
  4. Workstation – set up an efficient workstation as best you can. Have a clean desk policy like at work. Don’t work from the bed or the sofa.
  5. Be focused – be clear about what needs to be done, set goals and timeframes and focus on getting the job done. Then reward yourself – with time off, a coffee, or a phone call or a glass of wine at the end of the day.
  6. Communicate – check in with your team and manager regularly. Also reach out and chat to colleagues throughout the day. Talk, ask questions, share ideas, brainstorm.
  7. Up-skill – use the extra time in your day from not commuting, to up-skill. Learn something new, build your skill base.
  8. Leave the office – decide what time you are working till at the end of the day. Then switch off the work. Leave the desk. Close up shop for the night. Don’t get into the habit of working all night.
  9. Weekends – the weekends are as much mental as physical. Take time out from work. Recharge your batteries. Do something different. Walk, play games, Facetime friends and family, cook, do exercise.
  10. Shout out – you are not alone – we are all alone! Shout out if you want to talk… lots of us are happy to talk.

NZQA Certificate in Sales Program 2020

Our 5th group of Print & Signage representatives are 2/3rds of the way through their NZQA L3 Certificate in Sales program and continue to develop their skills within the workplace as they learn. Conducted over 12 months, the participants have 6 assessments to complete with support from their managers and have just attended their 3rd workshop which covers the art of Negotiation.  We have a mix of Sales and Customer Service representatives – all with the same goal; to gain confidence with their customers, make more calls and ultimately increase sales – which is already being achieved according to feedback received from their managers:

“Our reps got a lot out of the Sales Process and Negotiation topics in particular. It has given them confidence to get out and do more calls. I think sales results will follow.”

“Has been really useful to give them structure and confidence to contact more customers, even by phone”

“The assessments have been good to work through together”

The PrintNZ NZQA Certificate in Sales 2020 program commences 21st May – contact us for more detail or email to register.

Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers

HBR have just published an interesting article providing statistical proof that happy employees lead to happy customers. There is no surprise there really, but the research is great and this is a good reminder for organisations to look after those closest to home first. So many organisations want to work on their customer focus, but let’s make sure we have our focus for employees crystal clear.

Profiling for a Cohesive Workforce

This article from Yudu is a light-hearted look at the critical role personalities play in a happy, cohesive workforce.

Recommending that you should never recruit someone without profiling them has validity. DISC profiling can give you great insight into the person’s personality and fit to your culture. The Extended DISC reports can also be tailored to help recruitment decisions against certain roles and competencies, plus understand how the candidate should be onboarded, how to understand their likely strengths and weaknesses and how they handle stress.

DISC profiling whole teams and facilitating workshops can enlighten people on why people behave a certain way and help them to develop respect and strategies for working more effectively with each other.

We are pleased to have Becky Carr Master Trainer in Extended DISC in our ProFormance team to assist clients in this specialised field.


Persuasive Selling Skills 2019

A perfect 10/10 score again for our facilitator Becky Carr following the June Persuasive Selling Skills workshop and comments include:

“Very insightful, knowledgeable, respectful and I felt very supported throughout the teaching”

“Becky was great! Understanding of the type of person I am”

Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, this two day workshop is aimed at new and developing sales representatives needing to up skill on their sales techniques and gain confidence needed to succeed.

Register now for the next 2 day PSS workshop being held Sept 30th – Oct 1st. 

Solution Selling using DISC

A KAM workshop held in May for a pharmaceutical company, focused on Solution Selling with an introduction to DISC personality profiling of their clients. This created value by  “transforming DISC profiling into usable sentences to use in calls and developing language tools which work when conversing with persons of other types”.

Becky, our Master Trainer in Extended DISC, received a 9.8/10 score as a facilitator with strong recommendations from the participants:

  • Becky had a lot of great ideas and examples which were related to our business
  • Catered to everyone, easy to communicate with
  • The trainer has an excellent teaching style and engages everyone

ProFormance can tailor programs to suit all businesses and industries, get in touch to find out how we can help develop your teams.

Updated Your Employment Agreements?

As of 6th May 2019, businesses with 20 or more employees can no longer use the “90 day trial” clause in their employment agreements.  It is still acceptable, however, to have a “Probationary Period” for new recruits and internal role changes.

If you need advice around probationary periods and procedures to implement this as part of your employment process, contact us to find out how we can help.