Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers

HBR have just published an interesting article providing statistical proof that happy employees lead to happy customers. There is no surprise there really, but the research is great and this is a good reminder for organisations to look after those closest to home first. So many organisations want to work on their customer focus, but let’s make sure we have our focus for employees crystal clear.

Profiling for a Cohesive Workforce

This article from Yudu is a light-hearted look at the critical role personalities play in a happy, cohesive workforce.

Recommending that you should never recruit someone without profiling them has validity. DISC profiling can give you great insight into the person’s personality and fit to your culture. The Extended DISC reports can also be tailored to help recruitment decisions against certain roles and competencies, plus understand how the candidate should be onboarded, how to understand their likely strengths and weaknesses and how they handle stress.

DISC profiling whole teams and facilitating workshops can enlighten people on why people behave a certain way and help them to develop respect and strategies for working more effectively with each other.

We are pleased to have Becky Carr Master Trainer in Extended DISC in our ProFormance team to assist clients in this specialised field.


Persuasive Selling Skills 2019

A perfect 10/10 score again for our facilitator Becky Carr following the June Persuasive Selling Skills workshop and comments include:

“Very insightful, knowledgeable, respectful and I felt very supported throughout the teaching”

“Becky was great! Understanding of the type of person I am”

Designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry, this two day workshop is aimed at new and developing sales representatives needing to up skill on their sales techniques and gain confidence needed to succeed.

Register now for the next 2 day PSS workshop being held Sept 30th – Oct 1st. 

Solution Selling using DISC

A KAM workshop held in May for a pharmaceutical company, focused on Solution Selling with an introduction to DISC personality profiling of their clients. This created value by  “transforming DISC profiling into usable sentences to use in calls and developing language tools which work when conversing with persons of other types”.

Becky, our Master Trainer in Extended DISC, received a 9.8/10 score as a facilitator with strong recommendations from the participants:

  • Becky had a lot of great ideas and examples which were related to our business
  • Catered to everyone, easy to communicate with
  • The trainer has an excellent teaching style and engages everyone

ProFormance can tailor programs to suit all businesses and industries, get in touch to find out how we can help develop your teams.

Updated Your Employment Agreements?

As of 6th May 2019, businesses with 20 or more employees can no longer use the “90 day trial” clause in their employment agreements.  It is still acceptable, however, to have a “Probationary Period” for new recruits and internal role changes.

If you need advice around probationary periods and procedures to implement this as part of your employment process, contact us to find out how we can help.



Tap Into Existing Talent

In a study conducted by Seek, it highlighted the desire for many employees to regularly participate in learning and development, to upskill and in some cases, reskill.

It makes perfect sense for any organisation to tap into their existing talent, to develop and promote from within rather than recruiting externally. A culture of sponsoring development programs encourages employee engagement and ultimately increases productivity. Interestingly, 79% of people surveyed expected their employers to cover the cost of upskilling activities.

ProFormance can work with your business to identify specific training needs and tailor in-house programs for your teams.

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Read the Seek article here

Winning with Persuasive Assertion

It was great to receive some positive feedback from a pharmaceutical representative who reported back with a recent win/win following a Persuasive Sales workshop and follow up coaching.

They had noticed a decline in sales of a particular product with a pharmacy owner and through a combination of taking ownership, creative thinking and persuasive assertion, came to a mutual agreement with the pharmacist to find a solution. The result being that shelf space was increased and competitor brands reduced.

Talk to ProFormance about how we can tailor an in-house sales workshop for your team or register one or more sales people for our June Persuasive Selling Skills workshop which is designed specifically for the pharmaceutical industry.

Employment Law Updates Effective 1st April 2019

As of 1st April 2019, the minimum wage increased to $17.70 per hour and $14.16 per hour for trainees. The Government has also set indicative rates of $18.90 from 1 April 2020 and to $20 from 1 April 2021.

New legal protections have also been put in place for employees affected by domestic violence, which will enable them to apply for paid domestic violence leave and ask for short term flexible working arrangements.

What this means to employers is that any employee who has worked for more than 6 months should have a provision for domestic violence leave in addition to annual, sick and bereavement leave. It is recommended that you introduce a Domestic or Family Violence Policy for the workplace detailing their entitlements and conditions applicable.

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Soft Skills in Most Demand

In a recent and insightful LinkedIn blog, they talk about the skills companies need most in 2019 –based on their 2018 survey data.

It’s not surprising that 57% of leaders say soft skills are more important that hard skills these days. Soft skills are what differentiate us from artificial intelligence, so if we can upskill ourselves in the most desired soft skills, then we are increasing attraction to employers.

The number one soft skill employers want is “creativity”. People tend to think they are either creative or not and that is the way it is. However creativity is a learnable skill. The biggest barrier to creativity is ourselves – our self-belief and the limitations we put upon ourselves in terms of our mindset to being creative. There are workshops and online tools to improve our creativity.

Second most desirable soft skill is “persuasion”, again another learnable skill. The art of persuasion is based around the language we use, the questions we ask and the types of words in our vocabulary. So much of this is coachable and then planning it. It is also the non-verbal cues we give off. Here we need self-awareness or feedback from others.

Third on the list is “collaboration”. No surprises here, that employers want team players, who know how to work synergistically with colleagues for the betterment of the organisation.

Ironically in this era of online learning, these people skills are all still best learned through face to face training and coaching – nothing beats “being in person”.

To enquire how our Master Trainers in EDISC can help you tap into your creativity, persuasiveness and collaborative techniques, contact us here.