Customer Focus Training

We have just completed the final workshop of the 4 month programme with Independent Living Services. It was great to work with a team committed to helping their customers find solutions to aid everyday living. See the feedback here:


Leadership Training Programmes

We recently held the first of 3 in-house Leadership Development training workshops for one of our clients. This programme has been tailored to deliver specific key leadership skills to their existing team of 5 managers. The feedback so far indicates this training has been well received with the participants gaining valuable learnings on understanding different personalities, how to engage with staff members and goal setting. See attached for the full report.

FB – Leadership Development workshop

PrintNZ Sales Training – Understanding the Customer

The second PrintNZ group training for their Certificate in Sales are going really well. The most recent workshop “Understanding Your Customer” has given them a really good insight on how to improve their communication skills and their feedback has some very positive responses to the training. Click below to see the full report:

FB – PrintNZ Understanding Your Customer Workshop Oct16

Clinical Papers Workshop

Dr Kasaandra Chee last week facilitated a training workshop for one of our major pharmaceutical clients, which covered selling from clinical papers.  From the responses we received, the participants found this workshop to be fully engaging and benefited from understanding the technical interpretations to improving their questioning techniques. This delivered great results and brilliant feedback for Kass. Read the full report here:

FB-Clinical Papers Workshop Oct16


3 out of 4 Kiwi’s are looking for a new Job!

The number of Kiwis dissatisfied with their job is at the highest level in 10 years

97% employers say their organization is innovative, but only 23% or workers believe that is true

Disturbing facts in the latest report from Hudson which was featured in the NZ Herald (26 July 2016). There is a real disconnect between what employers think and how employees feel. Read the full report here:

Hudson charts2.jpg

ProFormance can help your business retain it’s valuable staff with some of our training programmes focused on employee engagement, such as:

Idea Navigator | Mindfulness workshops | High Performing Teams workshop

Welcome to our Print NZ Sales Certificate blog

It was great to work with you last week. A key thing I want you to recall is the 2 behaviours of successful sales people, according to the Huthwaite Research:

Successful sales people:

  1. Are goal focussed. They set objectives for every level of their business from territory sales targets, to monthly targets, to call objectives – make sure you do!
  2. Ask Needs questions. They do not present their product benefits until they have found a need/problem/issue that they can solve for their customer

Do these 2 things and your sales will grow.

Please post in the comments section, successes and challenges that you are having in your sales role (click on comments above and scroll down)


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