High Performing Teams

The idea of a High Performing Team is not new. We have all been part of one at some stage of our lives, where excellent results ‘just happen’; we love going to work as everyone in this ‘harmonious dream team’ is dedicated and focused on the end result. Using a toolbox of methods to creatively problem solve the reasons for the lack of cohesion, our consultant draws out a new way of working together, based on the characteristics of a High Performing Team.  

“We engaged, Jo from ProFormance to facilitate a series of workshops for one of the teams at Format. The team was highly experienced, but not performing at its best and needed to address some issues. Through careful facilitation and consultation with key stakeholders she has been able to increase the team morale, individual engagement, communication and overall performance of the team in a relatively short period of time. I would highly recommend using an external facilitator to guide any team through the process of self-evaluation and improvement.”  – General Manager – Format Print, February 2017

“The workshop gave us a good understanding of specific issues and clear actions to overcome them” – Marketing Manager, NZ November 2016


All our workshops are tailor-made to your specific needs, but a common flow is:

  • Characteristics of a high performing team (HPT)
  • Current reality – identify gaps
  • Team Model – vision, values, strategy
  • Team life cycle
  • Develop the plan
  • Team goals and priorities
  • High performing team (HPT) culture
  • Implementation plan and commitment