Portfolio – Your Go To Sales System

When sales results are not as great as you want, it is natural to look to the sales team and question their skill level and what they are doing. Approaching training providers for a quick fix in sales skills training will result in disappointment unless the real cause of the under-performance is identified.

In 20 years of working with clients to understand why sales results are lacking, we know that sales skill is only part of the problem. Skill is also tied into sales process and sales leadership.

Successful sales results come from a combination of all three elements.


High-performance sales blueprint

Documenting your sales process and providing the means to track it, with your existing CRM or selecting a new CRM or alternative tools.


Best practice training

Sales training designed for your business which is tracked and evaluated, using in-field tools to measure effectiveness.

NZQA Certificate in Sales

Persuasive Selling Skills

Negotiations – Gain an Edge!

Sales Development Programmes


Increased accountability

Supporting your sales manager to implement the accountability system and coaching.

Or providing the cost effective option of a virtual sales manager to support, coach and track accountability.


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