Hiring and DISC

Recruitment costs can be very high – time, money, lost productivity, stress on the manager and the team who have to pick up the slack. Yes, but it’s also an opportunity.

Done well recruitment can bring in high calibre employees with a fresh outlook, new ideas and can lift the motivation of the existing team.  The key is recruiting the right candidate for the role and on-boarding them well.

One of the major causes of indecision and bet-hedging during the hiring process relates to ‘fit’. You may have identified a candidate that you think is technically competent. Your worry is that they won’t sit well within the team dynamic.

How, then, to sort the wheat from the chaff? You know the damage waiting around and leaving a position vacant could do, but the risks of hiring the wrong person can weigh heavily on your shoulders.

A powerful tool is Extended DISC profiling. Extended DISC profiling can reveal all kinds of insights about how a potential employee can fit into your team. What does this mean? A person’s score along each of these four dimensions can give a great indication of how they’ll operate in a team.

They might fit in similar mapped area to other employees – meaning communication will be similar, thinking and action of tasks will be similar. If they are mapped very differently – perhaps a “lone wolf” then the way they go about communication and tasks could be very different to the rest of the team so people might need to be prepared for that. How can this person be supported if they are out in a limb.  They might do and think things through far faster than the rest of the team and therefore get bored or lose focus quickly if not kept on track while the others process the same information. Or they might be more introverted and express or offer their opinions less and may be seen as quite reserved when actually they just need a window of opportunity to talk.

For a leader it can show what support they might need to give the candidate in areas of the job that might not have as ‘natural fit’ with behaviours to fulfill an expected task. It also shows a leader where the candidate’s strengths might sit so they can utilise and therefore motivate them better. Importantly, it helps a leader see how this new person might like to be led – do they like to connect with their leader regularly or work autonomously.

For the team, Extended DISC can show gaps in the makeup of a team. Should you be recruiting someone from an area of the map that you don’t currently have in your team? For example is your sales team lacking a “hunter”? Do you actually need those behaviours in your team? If so, is it best to recruit a “hunter” or is it reasonable to think you can train an existing member to “hunt”? By knowing what you need, you can use Extended DISC to evaluate your objections more objectively.

A reliable objective tool can help make recruitment, selection and development decision in a more cost effective manner.

With a tool like Extended DISC, the real advantage is that you can stop guessing what’s under the surface at interview and start making informed decisions. You can spend less on agency fees (often up to 25% on a new employee’s annual salary, depending on their seniority level) and reinvest those savings into your business. More importantly, you can hire with confidence, deliver a great hiring experience to your new employee and know ahead of time what to expect when they show up for work.

Becky Carr is a Master Trainer and Consultant in Extended DISC. Contact Becky at bcarr@proformance.nz

Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews can be a daunting task even for experienced managers. Giving constructive and positive feedback to employees is a skill that not all managers have. The YMCA recognise the need to support their Centre Managers during this process and asked ProFormance to facilitate a Performance Review workshop. Tanya Mogg, who has facilitated many workshops already for the YMCA, delivered the training which was really valued by all the participants.

YMCA Performance Review Workshop Feedback July 17

DISC Profiling for Sales Workshops & Recruitment Services

We are pleased to introduce Mike Carr and daughter Becky Carr who have recently joined our our team. Both are master trainers in Extended DISC behavioural assessment and psychometric profiling and also bring a wealth of experience in sales and marketing. We have already provided a number of HR profiling reports as part of our recruitment services and have commenced in house workshops for sales teams enabling them to understand their customer’s personality types and how to sell more effectively to the different styles. See below the latest feedback report for one such workshop:

Contact us now for details about in-house workshops or for individual assessments.

Advanced Selling Skills Workshop June 2017

This month we held our open workshop: Advanced Selling Skills which is designed for the Healthcare industry. The participants really felt they benefited from it being a small group and allowed them to focus the training on their own products and role, whilst also receiving coaching. As part of this sales training workshop, Becky Carr – our newest Training Consultant – delivered the DISC Communication Types profiling which was one of the key areas of interest of the two day workshop.


To download the full Feedback report for this workshop click here.

PrintNZ NZQA Sales Certificate Training Course June 2017

We are delighted to announce our third NZQA Level 3 sales certificate training course, designed specifically for the Print industry, which will commence 29th June 2017.  This sales training course provides your sales people with the necessary skills to ensure they are maximising every opportunity to convert leads into new business, develop existing relationships and deliver the right solutions. This is delivered in partnership with PrintNZ and Competenz to provide participants with a recognized qualification, which is a great incentive to ensure they are fully engaged in the programme.

More details are available by downloading our brochure  and we are still accepting registrations. Please email us at training@proformance.co.nz to express your interest.

High Performing Teams Workshop

The High Performing Teams workshops that we have been running this month for a print industry client, is focused on their production team and taking them to new levels of engagement and performance. This programme has been well received by the participants with considerable input from them on how to improve communication and relationships between sales, customer service and production teams.

Selling Skills Workshop

One of our pharmaceutical clients were really in need of sales training for all account managers and sales reps, and wanted to include their customer service team too. We designed an in house workshop which encompassed customer centric vs customer service, as well how to understand the customer needs, which is critical in building relationships and making sales. The training resonated well with all levels of experience and the feedback shows this.

Presentation Skills for Students

For a number of years we have been running our Presentation Skills training workshop at the Auckland University’s School of Medicine. Here are the survey results  – a very positive response reinforcing that it is a very beneficial workshop for these students.

10 / 10 for Persuasive Group Selling workshop

Mike Carr, who recently joined the ProFormance team, together with Jo Hyland, facilitated a specifically tailored Group Selling workshop for one of our pharmaceutical clients. The focus was presenting to a group of Doctors, something that was identified as an area they wanted to improve on within their sales team. Feedback was very positive with top marks for both trainers …

Novartis FB

PrintNZ Sales Qualification Graduation Ceremony

A huge congratulations to our first group of PrintNZ Sales Qualification (NZQA Level3) graduates. Well done for the enormous effort and achievement …

Lauren Tabram – Orangebox

Kimberley Harris – Wedderburn

Mathew Knight – BJ Ball

Brock Williams – Crucial Colour (absent)

Jason Rako – Euroquip (absent)

The 2017 Print nz Sales Qualification is due to start in April 2017, so contact us now to register

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