Top Ten Tips for Remote Workers

Business continuity in exceptional times such as these can be challenging, however cloud based technology creates a platform for many to work remotely. The ProFormance team has many years of experience working remotely and we have put together a list of what we consider best practice guidelines:

  1. Daily routine – try to stick to the same workday schedule as normal. Get up at the same time and work the same hours. Follow the same work practices.
  2. Dress code – get dressed for work. Save the PJ’s for the weekend.
  3. Break times – continue to take a 10 minute break morning and afternoon and a half hour lunch break. Get up and move around. Look forward to the breaks. Use the breaks as time to make a social phone call.
  4. Workstation – set up an efficient workstation as best you can. Have a clean desk policy like at work. Don’t work from the bed or the sofa.
  5. Be focused – be clear about what needs to be done, set goals and timeframes and focus on getting the job done. Then reward yourself – with time off, a coffee, or a phone call or a glass of wine at the end of the day.
  6. Communicate – check in with your team and manager regularly. Also reach out and chat to colleagues throughout the day. Talk, ask questions, share ideas, brainstorm.
  7. Up-skill – use the extra time in your day from not commuting, to up-skill. Learn something new, build your skill base.
  8. Leave the office – decide what time you are working till at the end of the day. Then switch off the work. Leave the desk. Close up shop for the night. Don’t get into the habit of working all night.
  9. Weekends – the weekends are as much mental as physical. Take time out from work. Recharge your batteries. Do something different. Walk, play games, Facetime friends and family, cook, do exercise.
  10. Shout out – you are not alone – we are all alone! Shout out if you want to talk… lots of us are happy to talk.