Trade – Don’t Donate!

In order to motivate someone to the outcome you want, it is important to aim for a win/win outcome. If both parties feel like they have won, then the negotiation was successful.  Negotiation skills are vital to any sales persons toolbox, here we share our top ten principles of negotiation:

1. Sell first, negotiate later
2. Plan and use high quality questions
3. Know their decision criteria i.e. what is in their shopping basket
4. Identify and value your variables, i.e. what is in your shopping basket
5. Know your upper and lower limits
6. Be non-committal in the early stages
7. Take time and buy time
8. Let the other side go first
9. Trade – do not donate
10. Never negotiate out of concerns or objections

If your sales team or individual sales people need some development in their negotiation abilities, talk to us about our bespoke sales training workshops and/or sales coaching.

“I have retained the particular job from the competitor as I negotiated on ‘our benefits and value’ over the price. I cannot thank you enough for showing me such a powerful tool in my toolbox.”