Virtual Sales Manager

Rob Robertson, one of our sales coaches, has been working with a client with sales people located in various parts of the world. This “virtual sales manager” scenario is working well and getting results.

Through Portfolio, ProFormance have established the sales process, provided sales leadership and sales skills through supporting and coaching the sales team via regular skype calls and webinars. Below is a sample clip of a sales training webinar focusing on making the shift to “Trusted Advisor”.

“We were looking to fill a vacancy for Global Sales and Service Manager, but were concerned that the skill set required was very wide. After several discussions with ProFormance we were able to have the required functions covered by a team of people. ProFormance provided sales training, coaching and mentoring with regular calls to all in our sales teams in Asia/Pacific, North America, UK and Europe. It has proven to be an efficient and cost effective strategy which has increased the skills within our organisation.” – CEO, PowerShield

See our Portfolio page for more information on how ProFormance can help develop your sales process and sales team, whether they are based in New Zealand or further afield.