3 Steps to Sales Success

When sales results are not as great as you want, it is natural to look to the sales team and question their skill level and what they are doing. Approaching training providers for a quick fix in sales skills training will result in disappointment unless the real cause of the under-performance is identified.

In 20 years of working with clients to understand why sales results are lacking, we know that sales skill is only part of the problem. Skill is also tied into sales process and sales leadership.

Successful sales results come from a combination of all three elements:

Working closely with key stakeholders in the business (GM’s, SM’s, S&M’s, HR) we can identify what is in place that is working, but also what is lacking or needs improving.

Sales process – Has the business clearly defined the steps it takes to achieve a sale in their market? Is this sales process documented and shared with all sales and marketing staff within the business? Is it tracked and monitored?

This can be done with or without a CRM system. If there is a CRM system, is it capturing the right data and reporting meaningful information to assist the sales function to operate efficiently and effectively.

Sales leadership – Does the business have the right leadership structure to drive, track and performance manage sales achievement?

Regardless of the role, job title or size of company, the sales leadership responsibilities need to be identified, allocated to staff and actioned.

Sales skill – What are the specific set of sales skills that lead to sales success in your market? Once identified, how do your current sales staff measure up against this?

By identifying any skill gaps, relevant training solutions can be designed that do make a difference to behaviour and ultimately the sales results.

The great news is that these three sales components are not rocket science. Any business can evaluate their current sales system and identify how to improve it so they can achieve fantastic sales results. How rewarding is that for the staff and business?

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