Why offboard people – they’ve already decided to leave?

Most companies understand how important onboarding is as new team members are introduced to your organisation, but many companies understand the value in offboarding as well.  You might think “why bother” but it’s a great opportunity to gather information that can be easily missed and can allow you to make modifications / improvements if need be to your employment proposition and brand.

What sort of insights might they have and why is it important to get their feedback before they leave?  They can give you their feedback both good and bad, they know your business and industry, they have the ability to share their thoughts with their network, they may return to your company in the future, they might be a good resource as a referral and they could be a customer in the future.

There is a great, simple, and effective tool to make offboarding a breeze – where candidates can share their thoughts in a confidential manner and then that feedback can be shared with you, with action points prioritized.  What becomes very compelling is the information gathered from off boarding and any trends that start emerging.

This article was submitted by Jenny Peploe, HR Consultant – click here for more information on how ProFormance can support your business HR needs.